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Riding the Past Into the Future!

About Us & Mountain Rail Tales

The Bluemoonistic Team

We, Dale & Becky Carlson, created Bluemoonistic Images in 2008 to promote Dale's photography.  You can check out his photos and many products that can be purchased using his photos on our website.  We also have a large following for our Photo Blog - Bluemoonistic Backroads.  This is our first book venture and we are super excited!  Becky will be writing the stories that accompany Dale's photos.  Follow our progress as we travel through the Appalachian Mountains.  We love working together to highlight the beauty around us!

Our Vision

We love mountains and trains!  Photographing both is an avid passion.  We are taking this one step further by photographing and telling the stories about how railroad heritage still benefits many communities across the Appalachian Mountains!    We hope these success stories will lead other communities to look for ways to move forward in new and different ways.  We want to use our talents to record history and pay it forward!

Riding the Rails into the Future!

Many towns were built because of the railroad.  Many of these same towns are struggling because the railroads pulled out.  Others have found a way to embrace their railroad heritage and use it to create new commerce  and appreciation.  Creativity and dedication shines through their efforts and we are photographing and telling their stories!  The photo above is of the train depot in Rural Retreat VA.  They have restored this old depot and created a museum and a community center.  Read about it in our Photo Blog -- Rural Retreat Depot Preservation Leads the Way to the Future!

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